Immunity Checker Passport



Key Features

  • Symptom screening daily is paired with temperature checks and objective third-party testing
  • Testing Record: COVID and/or antibodies
  • History of COVID diagnosis/recovery
  • Produces ‘Immunity Checker’ status
  • Facilitation of restrictions, e.g., social distancing, masks, isolation
  • Provides employees and customers with real-time information in case of exposure or outbreak
  • Benefits beyond COVID: can help predict future disease outbreaks
  • Inform management about availability of employees: ‘who is sick’ vs. ‘who is well’
  • Built-in Rewards program to grow brand loyalty

Secure and Private


  • Free of bias: randomized testing + analytics
  • Rewards incentivize people to:
    • Use the app
    • Attain health + fitness goals
    • Achieve perks from your company
    • Build loyalty with your brand


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Protects employee and customer privacy
  • Users choose whether to report their location for contact tracing and tracking if needed or desired